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Beginner Guide: How To Build Back-Links In 2019


Beginner Guide: How To Build Back-Links In 2019


Back link is a link that meets a website from another website. Back-links make a big impact on website prominence in search engine results. This is why they are considered very useful for improving the website’s SEO ranking.

Back-links are required to make any online business or website profitable. Eventually, Back-links is considered to be one of the key factors of Off Page SEO. But the days went now.

You can not make a ton of guest post to make back-links and painted on top of Google for your desired keywords. Google is now focusing more on giving the best Possible results to its user and has started avoiding Spam practices used by Spammers or Webmasters.

What are Back-links?

Back-links are like votes. The better quality back-links you have, the better you can find in your search engine rankings for your keywords.

There are three types of back-links.

Interlinks (you are getting the link to your blog post)

Outbound links (External links from your site)

Incoming links (Sites that are related to your pages or websites)

What’s the big change in the quality of back-links?

When an Authority site links you or one of your posts, then it is far better than thousands of new sits links. This is because Google gives authorization sites high priority or who have a High Domain Authority (or page rank). Therefore, it is better to focus on getting links from Top Blogs or site than new site.

The best way to remove spam links from your site is to use the Google Disavow link tool. In this way you will be able to remove all spam from your site to get better Search engine results. And always avoid making back-links from the non relevant site.

What if bad link is pointing to your site?

Why Back-links Are Important?

If you start adding all the links to you, then obviously Google considers your site as the right to your location. This means that people start linking you only when you have some epic on your site. So obviously Google Rewarded Goods and gives top result in SERP ranking. Instead of focusing on linking in less time, it is always better to build back-links safely (which causes the worst site ranking).

Stop using Guest Posts to create links

Guest blogging is a great way to create back-links and get more traffic. But people are using Guest posting as Spam tagging to get more Benefit and get top search results.

Google is trying to reduce spam related to guest posts. Guest blogging was used primarily to add back-links to many search engine rankings by Spammers. That’s why Google started penalizing spam links by deleting site which highly admits guest posts.

After the loss of guest blogging, everyone started using the post of Self to publish it and at least disturbed about publishing the guest post. So if you’re still thinking of using guest blogging as a way to create back-links, then stop it now.

Even if you are building back-links through guest posting, then make sure that you are doing this that you are creating a Readership and not on back-links. Guest posting and user interaction And focus more on network building. This will definitely help you in creating a profitable business in the long run.

Article Directory Submission – Era

These are paid or free article directories, stop making back-links through article directories. This will not give you any results in the search ranking because Google has stopped keeping these links in mind.

A few years ago, everyone used to write back-links for articles and write posts for eHow etc site. But once they close the link, people start using online communities like Yahoo! Bing, etc. to get better SERP results.

And there are article directories like EzineArticlesArticle Base, iSnare where you can still build back-links on your site, but most of them are no-followed (in the body). You only get dofollow from your article’s author Bios from these article directories.

So why should you stop linking through article directories?

Stop using Paid Links for high level

If you are using paid links to make a high rank on Google, stop it immediately. Google is treating them as a bad practice of link building and it can punish your search results immediately.

What happens when you buy a paid link from other sites?

Google algorithms will find out where your incoming links are coming from. And if you are getting them from Irrelevant sites or spam link building sites (Google has a large database on those site who sell paid links), then your Crawler will lower your search results. So stop link buying from other sites to create links or get more traffic.

Building Links via Blog Comments

Most people specially focus on getting more traffic and creating back-links through the New Bloggers Blog comments. In Reality this is not a great practice to build back-links through blog comments.

What happens when you leave useless comments just to get links from various Niche blogs?

First of all, no one will notice your blog comments due to their poor value.

Second, most WordPress blogs are nofollowed by default, so a link value should not be added to your comment links.

Third, your comments can be caught by Akismet spam filter. Whenever you post a new comment, it is always eaten by Acicety and all your efforts will be lost.

So do not leave blog comments on other blogs just to build back links. With this practice you will not get any results, you only waste your time.

What else can you do after this?

Leave intelligent comments on Relevant blogs that add real value. This way you will be able to attract more attention than others. And if blog owners find comments on your blog interesting, they will soon consider sharing your blog’s link. Therefore, it is always better to give up remarkable comments than to focus on mediocre and nonsense comments.

Through Link Building Social Media Submission

Social bookmarking sites such as Stumble Upon, Delicious, Digg etc. have not given much back-links value to your blog posts. Yes, it is good to add your Latest Blog Posts to all social bookmarking sites, but it does not seem that it is enough to get back links.

Most of the new blogger is enough for their post policies on these sites. They additionally do nothing extra to make back links on their sites.

Therefore, limited yourself by building back links only through these social bookmarking submissions. If you want to get more Search engine traffic at your blog posts, then it can not add too much value in the long run

You must also work on obtaining natural back-links for each post to improve Page Authority along with your Domain Authority.

Building Links via Online Communities

Yahoo! Answers, Squidoo pages, etc. used to be so important a few years ago (like 5 years ago). Most of the time, they used to create Blogger Link, used more SEO traffic and used to get more affiliate sales using these online communities.

There are so many affiliate marketer who made a lot of money by posting on their sites and via Squilloo lens. But the same strategy is not working right now or any other work.

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