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A Simple Guide to SEO in 2019

Whenever a beginner hear about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), there will be many question in his mind. Like what is SEO? Why is it necessary for SEO blog or website? What are the types of SEO? How do SEO? Through this article you will get the answer of your whole questions. 

SEO is a very vast field. And it is very interesting too. I am in this field since 2015 But if you are a beginner in SEO and want to learn it. Then I will advice you that understand the Basics of SEO firstly.

What are Search Engines , and how they work? Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. All are popular Search engines.  Whenever we need any information we find it instantly by going to Google. From this we can estimate the popularity of search engines. Search engines have their own rules (in the term of SEO, algorithms). On the basis of that, he gives ranking to any website.

Simple Explanation of How Search Engines Work

We do SEO of the website or blog to come on the first page of Search Engines or in the top. Google, Yahoo, Bing are the famous Search Engines online platform . Search Engine is actually a software application called Spiders, bots, or crawlers. So let us tell you how Search Engines work. 

All the blogs or websites online are collected by the search engine software application, and when anyone searches, they give them all the information related to it. The search engines collects all the information and they organise properly and when a user search anything, they show the search results in the result form.

You must have seen, whenever you type anything in the search box, then you see a lot of results. we all know Google’s search engine is most popular today.

Google has designed its software application to deliver the best results to users. The search engine not only obtains information about the website or blog but also organizes it by rank and decides and gives it to the users when they search.

Search engines work in 3 steps:-

(2) Indexing

(1) Crawling

(3) Retrieval

How do search engines crawling?

The search engines go to the web page and follow the link given on it, while the second, then third, etc. crawls all the pages, in this way search engine online collects all web pages information.So whenever you create a new website or blog, do not forget to submit it to search engines.

What is Indexing? 

After gathering the information about the website and Blog, search engine add this information to the search engine in its database. Then all the collected information is analyzed by search engine firstly and then gave them rank. Which we call SERP (Search Engine Result Page). This process is called website indexing.

What is Retrieval?

The query of the user is understood in retrieval and all related search result are displayed.Whenever we type anything in google, we got all information related to it within a few seconds. The  information that are available online, shows us in our search results.